The one thing I truly appreciate about Fashion & Lifestyle has to be the fact that “There are no boundaries”, I know it sounds contradictory and superficial since most of us validate our definition of looking good on “Mass Fashion”. But to be truly fashionable one can’t go about following every new trend that pops up[then it becomes exhausting], It involves understanding what works for you and using that to create an IDENTITY.

Being fashionable transcends much more than just looking good- It represents acceptance- of your “Good, the bad and the ugly”. And that’s when you will really learn to enjoy the art of being fashionable- boundaries get blurred and your definition of fashion is no longer dictated by what magazines or bloggers for that matter have to say- You filter what works for you.

Enough said, Here are some fashion accessories and products I have enjoyed incorporating into my lifestyle [Well! Some yet to be] maybe you might be inspired to replace some of your old with something new after going through this post.

PS: You can click on the highlighted keywords in bold, in case you intent to buy or just admire. 😉




Velvet loafers have been around for ages, so yeah! they are classics. Italian men’s Luxury brand like Canali would be an example. And yes, they are exorbitant. But I guess not anymore if you are someone who swears by Zara and Aldo.

You can grab yours from The Dapper Man you can get your own signature embroidered pair too.

Who should consider buying?

  • If you are someone who is tired of wearing penny loafers, brogues, oxfords etc to occasions that demand you to be presentable. In fact, anyone or everyone who needs a change!

Will it suit you?

  • Absolutely, whether you are tall, short, heavy or lean. Just make sure you buy or pre-order [custom made] the right fit.
  • Wear it with jeans or any formal wear, you really don’t need a lot of accessories to pull off this shoe rather it would be the other way around.



  • There is nothing much to say for this pair of shoes. It’s your classic old school Vans so redundant is out of the question.
  • Again they will suit anyone and everyone. Effortless and comfy!
  • If you are someone who is tired of the “sneaker trend”  like me and needs something new [not really] but involves easy transitioning every now and then? Go for these classic beauties in black or white or a tribal print for something edgy but not desperate.

Grab yours from myntra 



  • To be honest, I am not much of an accessories guy, but if  I were to invest in them “The Dapper Man” will be my go to.
  • Looks opulent but very generous price range, there is nothing more one could ask for.
  • So if you are someone looking for exquisite and unique accessories, I say go for it.




My rapport when it comes to shopping from Koovs is a very tumultous one- More of disappointments though the few good ones manage to compensate my vendata, so I end up going back time and again. 

  • This longline shirt is an amalgamation of Indo western culture- Indo Fabric [slub] and silhouette engineered by European design team- so yeah you get the best of both worlds.
  • Thneutral tone and vertical stripes represent your basic shirt so it can be pulled off by anybody with ease. The stickers are a trend [ie if you care to know hahaha].

If you are looking to buy a new pair of shirt, maybe you should consider buying this one from “koovs”.



This deodorant spray from “The Body Shop” is something I personally use and recommend you to try it as well- If you are someone who believes in smelling good without offending nostrils of someone else.

If you care for the details  here it is [hahaha]: 

  • Non-sticky and subtle
  • Citrusy with notes of lemon grass [if that makes sense].

Let’s stop pretending like I am a connoisseur of fragrance so in simple words ” It’s perfect for summer and I suggest you get one from “eBay”.

Hope this post helps you to try something new this summer.

Be kind! 🙂