HOW TO BUILD A TIMELESS WARDROBE: The Young Broke Trendy guide

The current mantra of the fashion industry is driven by “Fast Fashion”, trends fall on your lap only when the top tier of consumerism [Luxury brands] are over it! [New ones on the way already] I guess “someone’s trash is someone’s treasure” does make sense after all. 😉

To be honest, it is [excruciatingly] painful to keep up with all the new trends that show up, and if you are a student [Well I don’t have to say much on that] it is anything but easy to hoard new clothing on a continuous basis. Blame it on the FAST FASHION 

Having said that, Whether you are a University student or someone who has just entered the workforce, I bet we could all agree to one thing “Money talks” [No pun intended, shhhh]. Nevertheless, everybody wants to look their best so we all invest in owning apparels whenever we can but then again nothing in this day and age comes with a shelf life of more than few months, so there goes your favorite pair of “Shirt”.

Are you a trend follower? or are you someone who has just given up trying to keep up with the mind-boggling of it all and just sticks to basics [that’s alright, I feel you]. Well if you fall into the latter part, maybe you might want to continue scrolling down 😉 because you are already half way there to building a wardrobe that doesn’t make you sigh every time you look at your clothes [New trends kicked in and yours is no longer a keeper].

Maybe building your wardrobe with classic pieces as the first step would be a good start.


If you are someone who has been buying t-shirts with patterns and details[taking a hunch here since that’s what most of us end up buying these days] It’s time to shift gears [Not entirely, Maybe a tad bit].

Here are some references


T-shirts in longline and prints are no doubt edgy and appealing but a basic tee can do the same justice without having to put much effort [and definitely easy on the pockets].

Disclaimer: Just because it’s basic doesn’t mean you should buy any plain tee that you come across, So here are some tips that I have learned over the years.

  • If you want to broaden your shoulders go for a scoop neckline.
  • If you want to elongate your upper body, go for a V neckline [Deep V or Low V depending on your body type].
  • Go for light fabrics, slim neckline, and single stitched hem [Cue to the pictures I used].
  • Heavy fabrics, thick necklines etc aren’t just uncomfortable but it also makes you look bulkier if you are on the heavier side and if you are skinny like me, the t-shirt ends up overpowering you.
  • Go for a white tone or any other except bright tones.

Trust me a basic t-shirt is no doubt effortless and versatile but can be chic too, once you get used to wearing them instead of opting for statement tees.

  • For smart casual look pair it with a blazer using the classic concept of white for day and dark for the evening [or whatever works for you].
  • For casuals or street wear the list is endless, and the best part you will look nothing but “NEAT” without compromising the look you intend to achieve.



There are so many details when it comes to jeans, from back pockets size to color wash but getting into it in detail will just turn your shopping expeditions into a nightmare [ happens to me all the time] but here are some more prominent pointers you might want to keep in mind

  • When it comes to jeans if you are on the skinnier side, I recommend you to go for a mid rise or high rise [ former for a more preppy look and latter for your classroom shenanigans]. In fact, I would recommend high rise contrary to popular opinion of not going for it.
  • Look for a single stitched inseam, because if you are skinny clean fabrics are more aesthetically appealing.
  • If you are on the heavier side, mid rise in a slim fit with stretchable fabric is your best friend.
  • Avoid heavy fabrics or thick stitching.
  • Single stitched inseams are easier for alterations too.

Same goes for your cotton trousers/chinos except for the type of fit- Go for any fit that makes your body breathe.

For your chinos go for any tones that are earthy or anything neutral.

For your jeans apart from the usual black which we all have, try adding in one more in Indigo-blue [Looks similar to the picture I used].



There is nothing much to say here- We all own them!

Just a few pointers:

  • Go for a curved hemline- Helps give proportion to your body
  • Avoid highly defined checks- If you are on the heavier side makes you look bulkier and if you are skinny you end up disappearing (most cases)
  • Go for checks or plaids with red or some dark colour dominance- More versatile & layering them will be easy. Suits every skin tone and body type.
  • When it comes to denim- Go for a stone wash, light wash or tad navy. Avoid ombre ( till you’ve good basics)

There you go! Your first step to building a wardrobe, easy on the pockets and timeless pieces that can be used for any season and for sure outlive the ever changing fashion trends.

Hope this helps you to build a wardrobe transcending time and trends while you play along with the ever evolving fast fashion.

Much love,

Ben @youngbroketrendy