I see you have ended up on this blog, Hi5!

Well now that we have exchanged pleasantries, so what is “young broke trendy” all about? Apart from its obvious literal meaning, here is an anecdote as to how/why it all came about:

I am a fashion business student living in North India, where paying for living expenses and busting my ass attending 9-5 lectures makes me miserable every month, anyway like most young, I do enjoy- looking my best or owning the best on certain occasions but we all know there is only so much we can get away with lying for a few extra bucks from home [exhausting].

Well! Desperation made me realize I might be young and broke but that doesn’t mean I can’t be trendy. Fast forward few years my peers seem to agree as well.

That’s “young broke trendy” for you!

Join me in this adventure of embracing being young, broke and TRENDY as I share tips, tricks, and experiences to help look your best without burning your pockets!

PS: Not just fashion, Maybe some life gyaan [lessons] as well 😉

Hope you walk away with so much more than just a wardrobe update!

Be Kind.

Your confidant,